Workshops in Our Academy

As an established brand, salesXpert manages and controls businesses within the academy. Our successful team at salesXpert, under the management of Toni Solida, will successfully continue to design and undertake customized workshop concepts for our customers. Our academy offers a range of practice-driven themed modules and is oriented toward participants from experience and in practice across all management levels. The didactical and conceptual innovations in the individual training modules and our claim for sustainable and successful implementation are our motivation to give the best for our customers each day. Our customized workshops are always adjusted to your needs as well as to the values and objectives that are established in your business. We are convinced that ready-made trainings leave very little effect, as the requirements of the target group cannot be completely met. An initial consultation and careful analysis, which will be taken as a basis for the target group, are inevitable. This will help us to design theme-friendly training modules. In case you require further information, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail or simply give us a call.

We basically distinguish between two elements within the academy:

1. Customized Workshop Concept
2. Individual academy