Often, one of the reasons for interim management is the lack of internal know-how, which is not permanently required by businesses and organizations. The reason why our interim managers are on the go is because they are often needed to overcome staff shortages.

Temporary management or interim management requires transparency, flexibility and credibility. Our interim management team takes full responsibility and leadership when developing effective problem solving within business processes. A high degree of social expertise is essential. The foregoing particularly applies to the ability to quickly develop informal structures.

We Support Companies

As Part of the Continuous Day-to-Day Business

  • Marketing
  • Sales / distribution
  • Communication
  • Outsourcing
  • Finance
  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as illnesses, accidents, layoffs

In the Context of Special Circumstances

  • Business establishment
  • Development / setup
  • Crisis or changes
  • Rescue operation / turn-around
  • Realignment and restructuring
  • Efficient solutions for management buy-in and/or business succession
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

In the Context of Coaching

  • Generation change
  • Supporting management
  • Team support
  • Change management
  • Sparring partner

Reasons for Interim Management

Your Interim Manager

  1. Completes defined tasks within the agreed time. Through the use of modern technologies, you have an overview about the current status at all times
  2. Costs exactly the amount agreed, guarantees the agreed-upon success of the project and does not change the fixed costs in your business
  3. Eases the burden on your existing management
  4. Swiftly strengthens your existing management
  5. Requires a brief training period, guaranteed by long managerial experience on his/her part
  6. Is not bound to already existing hierarchies
  7. Looks at your current situation from an external point of view

The amount of the fee depends on the task or problem, the necessary skills and qualifications as well as the duration of the assignement.