For many years we have accompanied people in the development stages for improving their individual skills and abilities as well as enhancing their success in the professional environment.

In our coaching sessions, we are companions on an equal footing who, as sparring partners, put your personal and professional goals and challenges to the test. We allow you to successfully develop the next stages out of your own resources. We focus on the idea that individual goals and developmental steps are developed and formulated by the coachee himself/herself. We accompany our coachees for just a few days or several months – depending on the time they need to achieve their goals.

  • Project coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Outplacement (groups and individuals)

Together we capture the current situation, develop the target state and help you on the path towards your goal. As professional coaches, we see it as our task to help you realize your positive potential.

In our office in Basel, or at a location of your choice

The financial framework of a coaching varies greatly. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any information concerning costs. After a preliminary meeting, we can estimate time and other requirements better.

Coaching for Trouble-Free Projects

Are Your Projects not Launched Within the Desired Time Frame?

On a daily basis, you as project manager find yourself in the triangle of tension between quality, costs and time. Sufficient resources are not always available to meet all requirements. The person as part of the project team presents yet another challenge to successfully implement a project.

After jointly capturing the current situation, we provide you with all the help you need and bring forth new ideas. By using targeted analysis and measures that fulfill all requirements, we will make your future projects even more successful.

Our coachings are designed individually according to your requirements.

Team Coaching

Good teamwork is often the factor that ensures higher better results and progress. Good teamwork is created everyday by superiors and managers as well as by the employees. This can become an issue because not all employees and managers are truly convinced of teamwork as a form of a working method.

As part of the coaching team, we provide consultancy for a number of people at the same time.

This form of consulting offers an in-depth exchange of experiences between the individual participants involved. In this context, we will create, for instance, the fundament of synergetic effects while developing problem resolutions. With this approach, the danger of inappropriate conclusions or the biased interest of your team is thus removed.

In the course of our consulting services, management problems of group members are coordinated and stabilized respectively with sensitivity.


Essentially, mentoring can be redefined as such: a qualified specialist (also referred to as the mentor), who usually has a higher hierarchical position and is accepted by the professional environment, sharing his/her experiences with a younger or professionally less experienced person (also referred to as the coachee). The aim of this mentoring partnership is to support the coachee in his or her professional and personal development.

The mentoring partnership, be it formal or informal, can be of short duration or remain over a long period of time. The mentoring partnership is a dynamic relationship, which develops over time and must not be competitive. The mentor is generally not specially trained for this function. Instead, they simply have a head start in terms of experience and development expertise. Our motivation derives from the interest in passing on our experience to the younger generation.

Conditions that enable sustainable team success

  • Each team member is committed to the mutually agreed result expectations and is under obligation to achieve these in his or her daily job.
  • Teams have accepted a common structure.
  • Teams live by norms and values, which are accepted and practiced by all team members.
  • Teams have agreed on rules concerning collaboration, which give information about how the agreed-upon goal is to be achieved and which behaviors within the team are desirable.
  • And finally:
    Teams are characterized by – internal and external – the individual identification with the team, the shared team goals, the team structure, the team norms and the team rules.


During the latest decades, a greater sensitivity regarding to the issue of unemployment developed. Joint initiated measures by economics and state, which help reduce unemployment, are becoming gradually more important – the state specifically encourages transfer measures. Many companies reduce working hours or offer outplacement programs directed at various target groups.

What is so Distinguishable About Professional Outplacement, and How Does it Take Place?

A fundamental point to begin with: On no account do we operate as an employment agency. As a customer you would surely like to learn about what the consulting services contribute to the new position, which application channels are being used and how open positions are elicited. The ultimate goal is that all clients find new jobs as soon as possible.

Success requires that the consultants confront the ever-changing needs of the labor market. Today, they must have good knowledge of bordering markets, sophisticated methods, and they also need a high level of qualification. We see our task in conveying the external view with the appropriate know-how across all industries.

The responsibility of our outplacement consultant is to assist the candidate during job campaigns. The share of the application takes in the highest rank within the company’s network. The direct application comes in at second place. The elicitation of concealed jobs takes up a large part for consultant and client. The central quality criteria for a successful outplacement is the following: It requires a high level of expertise in personal support as well as an intensive individual care, a high level of qualified and methodological competence, and a considerable amount of time.

We Support You from the Very Beginning

  • Pre- and postarrangement of critical talks
  • Training and coaching of HR staff
  • Communication with the employee representatives
  • Consulting on the topic “focus on the future”
  • Intervention interviews with the employees involved
  • Workshop with the remaining staff on quick repositioning.